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2019-01-07 - Happy New Year! Added a page for Weird Secondhand Shop Stuff and updated copyright dates.

2018-10-24 - Added a page for Seiran.

2017-11-02 - Major site update that fixes countless bugs and rearranges all my subdomains into one place.

Old site updates

2016-05-11 - Added a new Remixes section.

2015-07-10 - HUGE rehaul of pretty much the entire site! It’s now considerably more mobile-friendly and looks much nicer, with cleaner code. Old links are almost certainly broken.

2014-8-4 - Short story Arady’s Familiar added. Some fixes to the short stories hub.

2013-10-17 - Redid typography for “All Stories Are Anansi’s” and added .ACBF.

2012-12-30 - Short Star Gazers sidestory Fireworks added.

2012-12-08 - Two new character portraits added to the PCC hub. Also a smattering of additions to character bios.

2012-12-06 - Default CSS style changed to "Pink Mint".

2012-07-15 - PyShakkanho updated to version 2.1. Its Japanese-to-SI functionality has been significantly improved.

2012-07-10 - Default CSS style changed to "Twinkle". New CSS styles "Forest" and "Minty" deployed sitewide. Overhaul of comic pages — Bala Clark’s HTML5 Comic Book Reader now allows Spider's Stories and The Innocent Passion to be read online.

2012-06-09 - Screen reader accessibility improved sitewide. Default CSS style changed to "Deep". Ruby Knight pages created. About page updated.

2012-03-03 - Set up a page for my other web hangouts. CnH character page updated. Across The Night To You page created.

2012-04-01 - Site established.