Legal information


The comics, games, and stories hosted on this site are works of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, events, and locales is entirely coincidental.

Copyright information

All original content that I have made available on this site is released under a Creative Commons license, the specifics of which are indicated on the pages dedicated to those respective works.

Attribution Guidelines

You do not need to ask permission from me before sharing or remixing my work in general. However, do contact me if you need permissions beyond the scope of the license in question (e.g., you are unable to attribute me in the final product for some reason).

You are not permitted to suggest that I have endorsed or approved a specific work if I have not done so.


Please preface the work with a note that it was created (written, drawn, etc.) “by Garrick at The Woods of Spells and Evening (”. If you’re using one of my illustrations or comics, put that line either below the picture or page, or in your list of sources, whichever is applicable for the type of material for which it’s being used.

If the version you are sharing has been modified from the original in any way, you must indicate that as well (including the indicators of previous modifications).


If you’re creating some sort of derivative work based on mine (e.g. a desktop wallpaper), include the text “based on material by Garrick at The Woods of Spells and Evening (” somewhere readable and accessible. Low-resolution images, such as forum avatars, don’t need a notice on the image itself, although I would prefer a credit on e.g. icon distribution pages.


If you’re translating one of my works into another language, please include a notice that it was created “by Garrick at The Woods of Spells and Evening (” in both English and the target language.

Using my characters / Fanworks

All characters and settings from my original works may be used in derivative works (fanfiction, fanart, and so forth) which are licensed under a Free Culture license, and which follow the above guidelines for attribution.

I think of using my characters and settings as being roughly comparable to using my writing itself—it’s fine as long as you follow the license terms, and really, it’s because of widely usable stories and characters that culture is what it is today. Consequently, anyone has the right to use my characters for freely-licensed works only.

If you create a fanwork and put any sort of DRM on it, or prevent or limit works based on it in turn (e.g. forbidding reposts even with attribution, requiring approval for all derivative works), I will have to ask that you cease all distribution of your fanwork immediately. Absolutely no exceptions. If you refuse to comply, I may ultimately pursue legal action.

This might sound unfair, but I think it’s hypocritical to take a freely-licensed work and make something based on it that isn’t available under similar terms. You’re essentially saying that it’s OK for you to build on my work, but not for others to do the same to yours.

Devaluing my work and deliberately disrespecting my values is not a “fan” work in any sense.

If you absolutely cannot release your work under a free license, then don’t use my work. It’s that simple.