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DaCider lookin' good

Unfortunately, very few people have accepted the splendor of DaCider-sama into their lives, because the Knight Lamune franchise is not well known outside of Japan. This site is dedicated to spreading his handsomeness and charm around the world!






DaCider starts out as a villain in NG Knight Lamune, but eventually becomes the protagonists’s friend and ally. In VS Knight he becomes The Lancer of the group, alternately helping and bitching at Lamunaid.

DaCider has a cool airship when he debuts in Episode 2 of VS Knight, but it gets broken. He carries around a guitar that can fire bullets, but only uses it in comedy segments where he's mad at his friends, not as a serious weapon. He's the second pilot of the robot Kaiser Fire, usually sitting in the higher of the two seats.

His answer to Tama-Q and PQ is Hebimetako (terrible pun: hebi = snake, and it sounds like "heavy metal"), or just Metako for short, a snake with spiky hair that lives in his floaty pauldrons. She allows him to summon his mech, although he doesn’t really do that in VS. Metako loves DaCider (obviously), calls him Darling, gets jealous when he pays attention to other girls, and laughs at his jokes. Apparently the pauldrons work like Portals, or something, because sometimes she goes in one and pops out the other.

At first glance DaCider looks like a really cool, wild-type rocker guy, but he actually likes silly things like puns (seriously, he makes them all the time) and is a bit of a cry-baby. He really just wants to be appreciated and liked, so he gets upset when people ignore him. Also, even though he flirts with lots of girls, it's pretty clear that the only one he really cares for is Lesqua. He's just not good at expressing it.

He is the reincarnation of the Hero Cider, who fought alongside Lamuness I.

By the way, the data books describe the guntar as a “guitar-type machine gun”. It seems that it doesn’t actually play music.

It was supposedly revealed in one of the novels that DaCider tells puns because, when he first met Lesqua, that was the only thing that made her smile. But I haven’t been able to verify this yet.


Birthday: January 1st

Height: 202cm (~6'6")!

Weight: 58kg (~127lb)

Blood Type: B

VA: Kazuki Yao

Image Gallery

DaCider-sama’s greatness has been preserved in digital images! Click the thumbnails for the full-size pictures. The resolution is a bit low and the color balance is inconsistent between images because I had to do it by hand (sorry).

Standing on a thing

DaCider-sama is actually in the opening theme of VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire! It’s just that he goes by really fast. If you slow it down, you can see him! Here's the first shot of him.

Rocking out! Let's focus on his cool smile! Sometimes I wonder about Akahori, I really do And POSE!

Tearing it up with his guntar! Note dat ass and the loving detail afforded to rendering those tight leather pants. :3


Of course, as the name suggests, the guntar has another function!


Don't be fooled — the chinstroke here makes it look like he's thinking really hard, but in practice, DaCider-sama's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. It's OK though, it's one of the things that makes him cute!

That loser Lamunaid snuck into the left of this shot, but we all know who the real hero of the show is.

Aww, he's blushing

In this episode we learned that DaCider-sama can't hold his liquor at all — he got super drunk and nearly made out with a male furry. You wouldn't guess it to look at him!

Oh god, that 80s fashion sense

Here's a real rarity: the original DaCider design from the first Knight Lamune show, NG Knight Lamune. I think this was before he learned to dress himself because seriously.

Facing a mighty foe

Indeed he is, Metako! Although in this scene he's attacking...a snowman.

This isn't a spoiler

Here DaCider-sama tries to be a bishounen. It doesn't suit him.

DaCider eats some natto

So even DaCider-sama has foods he doesn't like! And one of them is fermented soybeans. I can dig.


You tell that jerk, DaCider! Point as hard as you can!

Starting to cry... The whole waterworks I'm sure you can't

Like I said, DaCider-sama is really a softie at heart. Don't you just want to hug him?

DaCider-sama is so modest.

A picture miniventure! DaCider finally gets the chance to tell Lesqua how he feels! Will he actually do it?

First, let’s get Hebimetako out of the way…

Whoops! Lesqua got evil brainwashing again. What will you do, DaCider?

This isn’t looking good!

Apparently even Lamunaid will do when DaCider-sama really needs a “sorry your girlfriend got brainwashed” hug. Go forth and slash.

But DaCider-sama won’t give up! Lesqua is the love of his life, after all.

What beautiful speech will he use to express how much Lesqua means to him?


DaCider, I don’t think you’ve thought this one through…

Better luck next time…if there is one!

DaCider-sama is pretty upset here! As for why, that would be a spoiler. But either way, once again we see a glimpse of his softer side. He doesn’t always cry, after all.

In this episode, we learn that Lamunaid’s fondest wish is for DaCider to be weak and scared and obedient, and also to hug his legs. I don’t know what to make of that.

DaCider is incapable of shame

This is seriously one of my favorite scenes from the show. DaCider is immune to psychological attacks because he is literally incapable of shame. That’s amazing.

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