This site was built from scratch in HTML with CSS.

It uses East Asian characters (日本語と한국말) and ruby characters(Like this). For the best browsing experience, check your compatibility.

If your screen reader has difficulty with any aspect of this site, please contact me.

Cookie policy

This website uses JavaScript and cookies to allow alternate site styles. (In a sort of security ouroboros, this necessitates an additional bit of JS to display a message about how the site uses cookies, and a cookie to store whether or not the user has accepted that. I considered adding an additional layer to make sure users are OK with that, etc. :P) The styleswitcher script only loads the chosen sheet and adds a cookie to remember what was chosen; the style cookie comprises only the access date, the expiration date, and the name of the selected style. It’s fairly straightforward. The cookie permission message is icetee’s Cookiebar, the full source code of which can be viewed on github.

I’m not one of those weirdos who uses thirty pieces of off-site JS to serve plain text, so if you have any security concerns, you can safely block both JavaScript and cookies with no other effects on content. (Most modern graphical browsers have simple checkboxes for disabling scripts and cookies, without having to install additional software.)

The Woods of Spells and Evening contains no ads, trackers, or analytics, and does no profiling of visitors. If you find evidence of scripts running besides the styleswitcher and the cookiebar, please notify me, as it may indicate the site has somehow been compromised.

This site and its contents are provided with no warranty (without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). Twinkle Night is not responsible for any damage incurred by usage of this site.

List of site styles

Evening Spells
Default style. Mysterious green and purple combine with stars.
Retro 90s-inspired style. Black background, white text, pseudo-tables everywhere.
Calm and soothing dark green style. Brings to mind a peaceful forest.
Extremely modern, minimalistic style.
Cozy style inspired by country cookbooks.
Pink Mint
A cute pink style suited for warming up in wintertime.


This site makes use of A List Apart’s style-switching script by Paul Sowden. The original article and code may be found here.

Art page uses Lightbox v2.7.1 by Lokesh Dhakar ( Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Free for use in both personal and commercial projects. Attribution requires leaving author name, author link, and the license info intact.

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