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I'll eventually get used to the new Dr. Stone OP, but I (a millennial) made "Good Morning World!" the one physical CD I buy this year, set it as my phone's alarm clock tune, and put the poster from the limited anime edition in a spot where it would be the first thing I saw when I, myself, said "good morning, world!" in real life each day. I like the song. I'll miss it.

The new ED, on the other hand, has:

  1. purple
  2. stars
  3. Senku

This hole was made for meeee.

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So I'm entering BARA JAM 2019! I don't have a title yet, so devblog entries will be tagged as "project_violet" for now (following my usual practice of taking codenames from Pokémon towns). Fair warning: I've been slamming a lot of Dr. Stone, Doc Savage, and PreCure recently, so it'll probably be heavily influenced by those.

Quick background I whipped up:

Mysterious laboratory

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Why I Believe in My Immortal

Some humorists poke fun by making good, solid stories that are enjoyable in their own right, but have another layer of comedy in light of another story or genre, which they cause us to reconsider.

Others set out to write a bad story on purpose, and then point out how bad the thing they made was, in- and outside the text in question.

Purposefully bad stories -- "troll fics" -- exist in pretty much every medium and genre, and most readers don't like them. That's unsurprising. They don't engage meaningfully with whatever they're trying to criticize, and it turns out that regardless of the author's intentions, bad stories are kind of bad[citation needed].

Some say that My Immortal, the crown jewel of Harry Potter fanfiction, must be a troll fic. Some say that no one could possibly write that in seriousness. Some say that it can only be a joke that got out of hand, a satire, a mean-spirited prank against all of fanfic-kind.

As for me, I have my own theory.

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I've been following the re-edition of One Piece on Manga Plus, and it seems like all the user comments are about how "stupid" and "annoying" it is that the official translation calls him "Zolo". This is extremely unfair to the translator not only because it was legally-mandated and completely out of their hands, but also because focusing on it obscures the things they got right:

"Take this, butt-ler!"

© ODA Ei'ichirou / Shueisha & Viz Media. All rights reserved.

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I've been rewatching Fushigi Yuugi with Doctus recently and considering that:

  • every group of Celestial Warriors has at least one woman or feminine-aligned person
  • one of those women is named friggin' Subaru
  • for a straight girl, Miaka sure does spend a lot of time grabbing other girls' breasts
  • she and Yui both explicitly state that they love each other as much as they love boys they want to marry

...I'm starting to think that maybe the main criterion for being a miko is bisexuality?

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[Review] Fruits Basket 2019 11-13

Here we are at the end of Froob's first cours already, after only about twenty thousand words! Now let's add half that much again for three episodes, because it turned out I had a lot of feelings about these three.

Now that we've reached the mid-point of the series, I'm thinking of compiling these Fruits Basket posts into an e-zine (sans screencaps, maybe with my own drawings to replace them) and putting it up on sometime. So watch out for that!

Content warnings: discussion of abuse and sexual assault

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I'm not...entirely happy with the new Fruits Basket's choice to, like the first anime, rearrange everything so that the Big Dramatic High Note goes at the end -- I know why they're doing it, but I feel like it undermines a major theme of the series, which is that Big Dramatic High Notes happen but life still goes on. Still, Ritsu is a really really important character for me and I feel like this anime's version of that story has such marked improvements that I can't complain too much.