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Knox and The Conjuring and Young Goodman Brown

I've been thinking a bit about the recent revival of demons and witches as the villains of movies. This post is an attempt to take all of my thoughts on the matter and boil it down into something coherent. And long, although it's broken up a bit with some nice pictures. (I wanted to put in 90s clipart, but I didn't. The sacrifices I make for you guys!)

Content warning: This post contains discussion of the Satanic Panic and Satanic ritual abuse.

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Yu-Gi-Oh panels

© 1996 TAKAHASHI Kazuki / Shueisha & Viz Media. All rights reserved.

I'll play as "The Dragon", Bruce Ryu! He's a kung fu master!

Hey, he looks just like Bruce Lee!

"Oh my god, Jonouchi. You dense motherfucker. You can't just say 'Bruce Lee'. Jesus Christ. You think I'm talking about 'Bruce Ryu' because I want to? You think those little shits over in Shaman King have 'Lee Bailong' of their own volition? Fuck no! Every one of us would be Bruce Lee if we could, even the girls! But Shueisha's legal department is like 'nurble nurble personality rights nurble expensive lawsuits' so we change one kanji or whatever, and even literal children accept that if they want to keep reading Jump every week they shouldn't call too much attention to it. And you come along and the first words out of your mouth are HE LOOKS LIKE BRUCE LEE, because you think you're the first one to notice, I guess. Thanks for ruining everything, Jonouchi. You're dead to me."



Wikipedia categories

"Categories: American drama films - American political drama films - Films about Christianity - Heresy in Christianity - Media about the Trump presidency"

Damn, son. On a scale from "not that terrible" to "literally heresy" how bad is your movie



Why do we even have the phrase "premarital sex"? Surely "extramarital" covers everything in the "premarital" set; if one is not married, then all sex is outside of marriage. Listing them both -- "premarital and extramarital sex" -- as many do is pointless and cumbersome.



Various comments

Char is not an animal. Char is a FISH.

🙄 😢 ☹ Your use of the word "animals" was misleading since the names include rodents, birds, fish, snakes, etc.

I didn't like this teaser because I didn't think that pheasant would be one of the 'animals' because it isn't actually AN ANIMAL.

I was looking at this puzzle where you were supposed to find the names of animals in a long string, and what the fuck



While we're on the topic of football: the way everyone treated Janet Jackson in 2004 was wrong and we should be ashamed of ourselves. She didn't deserve all that, not least because she didn't even consent to showing her titty.



We know that American football destroys every part of its players' bodies slowly and painfully. We know that the equipment doesn't work and never did. We know that there is, effectively, no way to play football safely. We know that if literally anything else -- plastic wrap, Fortnite, Vacation Bible School -- harmed children's brains as much as football does, we would fire that thing into the Sun and pass damnatio memoriae laws. We know that the N.F.L. is an evil organization that everyone, regardless of political beliefs, has good reasons to hate.

For the love of God, what will it take for us to end football? What else could we possibly be waiting for?



Doctus and kaijyuu cannot remember character names. To them, Delicious In Dungeon's Marcille is "the elf". Jinnai Katsuhiko is "El Hazard villain guy". If a name gets repeated a lot, the character refers to themselves in the third person, etc., sometimes it breaks through. Everyone else is just a role, power, or other character who is vaguely similar to them. I have to use these names as well if I want to be understood.

Boku no Hero Academia is especially bad about this because the cast is so big -- we're well into the sports fest arc now, and the only character they can name without prompting is All Might. Asui is "Frog Girl". Toyokami is "Falco". (I tried to make him "Gothic Bird Man" but it didn't stick.)

The other day I caught myself thinking of Sakana's Yuudai as "Eel Man".

It begins...

E.T.A.: I showed them this post and -- this is a direct quote -- "oh, his name was Izuku?"

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New blog title!

That's right -- a new era is beginning, not just in Japan but here on the Internet. "Brilliant Gedou" shall be no more; this blog will now be called "Twinkle Spiral Heart Attack". I just felt like it was a good time to change it, and one of the nice things about running my own blog is that I can do this whenever I want!

Also, Springheel has been updated recently and is better than ever! Grab the latest source from Github or my website! You can even use PyPi, although it may be slightly older than the others due to how file uploading works there. I've updated my comics subsite for the occasion!