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The grand idol fantasy

かんちがいしないで 特別じゃないの わたしは普通のオンナノコ [Don't misunderstand. I'm not special. I'm just an ordinary girl.]

— "Heart no Melody" (Lyricist: Leo Kanda)

Where is Sensory Leakage? I did say if all goes well it would be out in May, and various stuff happened. It'll be out before winter, probably. On the bright side, we got some Springheel improvements instead, and here's a bit about Infectious Energy that's been kicking around my brain.

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I'm hard at work on Springheel 4.0.0 (lots of bugfixes!) and realized, while writing to the changelog, that the new themes I'd made are called "revolution" and "might", which (when put together) sounded like a Communist-themed Lasers and Feelings reskin. I'll probably have to add a few more, fluffier ones to balance it out. ;;



Openclipart is still getting DDoSed, and I find myself wondering who's even doing it. And why. Who looks at a site for public domain vector drawings and is like "no, this should be removed from the Web"? I honestly can't even imagine it.



OK, fam, I am actually interested in your book about the first mechanical ship's clock! But your publisher just had to subtitle it "The Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time" and drowned the copy in nonsense about how said Lone Genius bucked the scientific establishment, and it's sucking my life force

(I have a policy of devoting zero minutes per day to Lone Geniuses thx)



If anyone's wondering why the House of Night sporking is taking so long, I forgot where I put my paper copy of the book a couple of months ago (and I always check each ebook passage against the physical book, to make sure that what I'm complaining about wasn't just a formatting or OCR problem). It'll continue once I get off my ass and find the damn thing



Dialogue from Dynamite Milk Pie

"She managed to eat fifty cakes in only 15 minutes three years ago, and then she left without paying."

So the heroine of this old shoujo manga is, by my calculations, twenty-five per cent more evil than Lex Luthor