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Making a work that's ruined by advance knowledge of the story:

Regular brain

Making a timeless work that can still be enjoyed even if you know what's going to happen:

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Making a work so bizarre and confusing that "spoilers" are useless or impossible:

Galaxy brain

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I am prepared to die on the hill of "Goethe's Faust was the first songfic"


Woe! woe!
Would I were free from the thoughts
That cross me, drawing hither and thither
Despite me!


Diesira, dies illa,
Solvet soeclum in favilla!
(Sound of the organ.)


Wrath takes thee!
The trumpet peals!
The graves tremble!
And thy heart
From ashy rest
To fiery torments
Now again requickened,
Throbs to life!

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Springheel and Favicons

This started out as an F.A.Q. entry in the Springheel, but ended up a bit more complex than I'd expected. The short version is:

  • Springheel itself does not and cannot add favicons to generated sites.
  • This is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.
  • You do (theoretically) have the ability to hack a favicon in on your own, but I can't offer much in the way of support.

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According to Plato, humans originated as three creatures -- a male one, a female one, and an intersex one -- that a jealous Zeus split into individuals; each person seeks out someone corresponding to their other half from when they were one organism (e.g., men who originally came from the man-creature love other men).

Thus, Gen/Senku is a popular ship because they're the two halves that were once Hiruma Yoichi. Q.E.D.

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"Garrick, why has the 'current audio' for so many recent posts been 'Fly High!!' by BURNOUT SYNDROMES? Was it a copy+paste error?"

"No, I bought the MP3 the other day, and that's how much I've been listening to it."

"Is this because you liked 'Good Morning World!' that much, or did you just fall into Gay Volleyball Manga Hell 3700 years after everyone else?"


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Oh shit. Oh shit, you guys. I just realized that if Project Violet were a real magical girl story, the obvious yuri pairing would be the characters called Lapis and Citrine.

That means their portmanteau ship name would be either..."Latrine"...or "Citpis"...this is a disaster 😭