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Link Share: LibriVox 12th Anniversary Podcast

Public domain audiobook service LibriVox recently had its 12th anniversary, and their latest community podcast includes a moving retrospective from commonsparrow3 (a.k.a. Maria Kaspar) about the impact LibriVox had on her late father in his last days. It's a must-listen, but keep your hanky handy.

Shameless plug: I contributed the cover for the first book excerpted, Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, vol. 1.

LibriVox 12th Anniversary Podcast No. 145

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Thoughts are Free

( BGM )

Thoughts are free,

for who can divine them?

They streak by

like shadows in the night.

No one can know them,

no hunter can shoot them.

Thus it remains:

thoughts are free.

I think what I want to

and what I please;

always in silence

and appropriately.

No one can prevent me

from wishing and desiring.

Thus it remains:

thoughts are free.

And should someone imprison me

in a dark cell,

that would be

a vain labor;

for my thoughts

would tear apart

all barriers and walls:

thoughts are free.

Now I shall abandon

all sorrows,

and never again

torment myself on a whim.

One can always laugh and frolic

with one's own heart,

and think, indeed:

thoughts are free.