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Speaking of updates, here are some of the sprite improvements I've made since the original Million Tone demo! I sadly ended up releasing the demo with a fair number of crude placeholder images in place of actual sprites, so here's a comparison of those demo images to their new counterparts.

Max comparison

Max is much beefier and no longer has the sarashi that I only added to begin with cuz I was lazy about drawing abs. His eyes are also consistent with Lava and Ion's, and like the others below, he received a number of new expressions. (I can neither confirm nor deny whether some of these have filenames like "baka" or "tsun".)

Carnelian comparison

Prisma Carnelian's proportions and overall appearance are now much more in line with "real" magical girl works, and the Marian Stick is actually visible when the text describes her holding it. However, this means that the 90s anime jewel on her bow is covered up by her hand, so an additional gem was added to a hair ribbon. Conservation of 90s anime jewels is extremely important.

Zoey comparison

It must be noted that the final sprites of the Prismarias have unique casual outfits, rather than all wearing the exact same shorts and colorblock tee. Only Zoey appears with the original combo in the updated sprites. Again, she also received new expressions (in morphed and civilian form) such that she no longer appears to regard everything with amusement.

Lapis comparison

Prisma Lapis is no longer a mere palette swap of Carnelian. This pose and design express the character's personality much better.

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I've been hard at work on proper sprites for Million Tone recently, and I usually do this by making a couple of standard expressions most characters need, then looking over the character's scenes and drawing any additional emotions it would make sense for them to have. Prisma Lapis, however, ended up with the following expressions:

  • normal [frowning]
  • different frown
  • shocked
  • smiling [currently unused]
  • crying
  • crying with open mouth
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I forgot to mention before because this is the absolute stupidest shit, but I've been working on Million Tone again and remembered it suddenly, so if the identity of "Varan" was keeping anyone awake at night:

"Varanus" is the genus containing monitor lizards.

That's it, that's the joke.


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Oh shit. Oh shit, you guys. I just realized that if Project Violet were a real magical girl story, the obvious yuri pairing would be the characters called Lapis and Citrine.

That means their portmanteau ship name would be either..."Latrine"...or "Citpis"...this is a disaster 😭

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I'm very proud of Project Violet's most recent development: a crafting minigame! All graphics, ingredients, and flavor text are subject to change, but here's a preview of what it might look like:

Screen showing various ingredients and information about their traits

Cilantro icon based on an illustration by Albert Meyer from New Kreüterbuch by Leonard Fuchs, circa 1543. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Currently, you can select any three ingredients (including repeating the same one multiple times; order is also unimportant) and see if that matches the recipe for any item the game knows about. If it does, it's automatically added to a record book accessible from the main menu, which also tells you how many of the total available recipes you've successfully made. Hitting upon certain specific recipes allows the game to progress, while others are just for fun.

(I also fiddled with things a bit to make the bottom text accessible to Ren'Py's self-voicing, which ignores tooltips by default.)

What does any of this have to do with the game? The player character of Project Violet is a "villain" in a magical girl story, and that means creating cool monsters to help his sweetie, obviously. :3