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Springheel and Favicons

This started out as an F.A.Q. entry in the Springheel, but ended up a bit more complex than I'd expected. The short version is:

  • Springheel itself does not and cannot add favicons to generated sites.
  • This is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.
  • You do (theoretically) have the ability to hack a favicon in on your own, but I can't offer much in the way of support.

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Introducing palpageproducer

I randomly ended up making a new Python utility: palpageproducer.

8 boxes labeled with their color's name and hex code.

Install with pip install palpageproducer. You can also swing by its page on my site for the git repo and alternate downloads.

To use, just run palpageproducer <stylesheet.scss> and you'll get an HTML page with boxes of all the colors you defined as variables. It also works with LESS sheets and GIMP .gpl palettes.

I don't know if anyone else wanted this, but it makes it easier to see how colors look together + run them through WebAIM's contrast checker. (This project mostly came about due to keeping track of various U.I. colors, etc. for Project Violet.)

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So I'm entering BARA JAM 2019! I don't have a title yet, so devblog entries will be tagged as "project_violet" for now (following my usual practice of taking codenames from Pokémon towns). Fair warning: I've been slamming a lot of Dr. Stone, Doc Savage, PreCure, and I'm Gonna Be An Angel! recently, so it'll probably be heavily influenced by those.

Quick background I whipped up:

Mysterious laboratory

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The Grand Idol Fantasy

かんちがいしないで 特別じゃないの わたしは普通のオンナノコ [Don't misunderstand. I'm not special. I'm just an ordinary girl.]

— "Heart no Melody" (Lyricist: Leo Kanda)

Where is Sensory Leakage? I did say if all goes well it would be out in May, and various stuff happened. It'll be out eventually, probably. On the bright side, we got some Springheel improvements instead, and here's a bit about Infectious Energy that's been kicking around my brain.

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New Blog Title!

That's right -- a new era is beginning, not just in Japan but here on the Internet. "Brilliant Gedou" shall be no more; this blog will now be called "Twinkle Spiral Heart Attack". I just felt like it was a good time to change it, and one of the nice things about running my own blog is that I can do this whenever I want!

Also, Springheel has been updated recently and is better than ever! Grab the latest source from Github or my website! You can even use PyPi, although it may be slightly older than the others due to how file uploading works there. I've updated my comics subsite for the occasion!

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October 2016 Announcements!

At long last we've arrived in Halloween Month -- er, I mean October. October is my very favorite month for a number of reasons, and I've been considering how best to celebrate since mid-August or so. Suffice to say there's a lot planned!

First and foremost, there's a new Halloween-themed stylesheet on this very blog for a limited time only (complete with a pumpkin logo). I'm also planning to post guides to the original arts and crafts I'll be working on throughout the month, namely my costume.

But perhaps the most exciting item, at least for random strangers who happen upon this blog, will probably be that I am going to start sporking the infamous House of Night series! It's pretty horrific and it has vampires, so it's a fine choice for Halloween.

The first installment will be up at midnight of 1 October (of course), and I'll be starting from the third book, Chosen.

Why am I starting from the third book instead of the beginning? Because there are already detailed MSTs of the first two books (e.g. Das Mervin) that go over most of what I would want to say anyway, so I would 1. just be belaboring points that were already well-established, and 2. probably get bogged down and driven to drink by the books' sheer awfulness long before finishing (which is presumably what happened to the previous sporkers, bless their hearts).

What kind of posts will these be? Just in case you're not familiar with the "sporking" or "MST" format, it means interspersing passages from the book with my commentary and jokes, in a similar vein to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 TV show. (This is fair use under the criticism and parody provisions, to the best of my knowledge.) I will refrain from personal attacks against the authors and the target audience, because those are mean; I also will not interrupt the action to make childish cracks like "and then the characters fell in a hole and died, yay!", because those don't really engage with what's actually wrong with the text. And believe me, there's a lot wrong with this one.

Be prepared with alcohol, puppy pictures, or the alternate soothing-forgetfulness method of your choice, and get hype for the 1st!