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According to Plato, humans originated as three creatures -- a male one, a female one, and an intersex one -- that a jealous Zeus split into individuals; each person seeks out someone corresponding to their other half from when they were one organism (e.g., men who originally came from the man-creature love other men).

Thus, Gen/Senku is a popular ship because they're the two halves that were once Hiruma Yoichi. Q.E.D.

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I've been following the re-edition of One Piece on Manga Plus, and it seems like all the user comments are about how "stupid" and "annoying" it is that the official translation calls him "Zolo". This is extremely unfair to the translator not only because it was legally-mandated and completely out of their hands, but also because focusing on it obscures the things they got right:

"Take this, butt-ler!"

© ODA Ei'ichirou / Shueisha & Viz Media. All rights reserved.

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I've been rewatching Fushigi Yuugi with Doctus recently and considering that:

  • every group of Celestial Warriors has at least one woman or feminine-aligned person
  • one of those women is named friggin' Subaru
  • for a straight girl, Miaka sure does spend a lot of time grabbing other girls' breasts
  • she and Yui both explicitly state that they love each other as much as they love boys they want to marry

...I'm starting to think that maybe the main criterion for being a miko is bisexuality?

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Living Game is an interesting manga because it was supposed to be a Very Relatable romantic comedy about life during the asset price bubble...which, of course, burst not too long into the manga's run. The result was a story that captured the feel of the times extremely well, as both the author and the fictional characters scrabbled to orient themselves and stay afloat in chaotic times.

(I also like the art and cinematography quite a bit. The plot is pretty damn skeevy, though.)

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Addendum to the first Fruits Basket post: another touch of modernization is that Yuki and other male students are seen taking home ec.

Boys cooking

This was very much not the case in the manga, where the class was visibly all-female. I'm glad they changed this!