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I am prepared to die on the hill of "Goethe's Faust was the first songfic"


Woe! woe!
Would I were free from the thoughts
That cross me, drawing hither and thither
Despite me!


Diesira, dies illa,
Solvet soeclum in favilla!
(Sound of the organ.)


Wrath takes thee!
The trumpet peals!
The graves tremble!
And thy heart
From ashy rest
To fiery torments
Now again requickened,
Throbs to life!

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Why I Believe in My Immortal

Some humorists poke fun by making good, solid stories that are enjoyable in their own right, but have another layer of comedy in light of another story or genre, which they cause us to reconsider.

Others set out to write a bad story on purpose, and then point out how bad the thing they made was, in- and outside the text in question.

Purposefully bad stories -- "troll fics" -- exist in pretty much every medium and genre, and most readers don't like them. That's unsurprising. They don't engage meaningfully with whatever they're trying to criticize, and it turns out that regardless of the author's intentions, bad stories are kind of bad[citation needed].

Some say that My Immortal, the crown jewel of Harry Potter fanfiction, must be a troll fic. Some say that no one could possibly write that in seriousness. Some say that it can only be a joke that got out of hand, a satire, a mean-spirited prank against all of fanfic-kind.

As for me, I have my own theory.

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[Review] Fruits Basket 2019 11-13

Here we are at the end of Froob's first cours already, after only about twenty thousand words! Now let's add half that much again for three episodes, because it turned out I had a lot of feelings about these three.

Now that we've reached the mid-point of the series, I'm thinking of compiling these Fruits Basket posts into an e-zine (sans screencaps, maybe with my own drawings to replace them) and putting it up on sometime. So watch out for that!

Content warnings: discussion of abuse and sexual assault

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[Review] Fruits Basket 2019 7-10

This post's episodes are a cavalcade of seasonal events. I'm including one more episode than usual this time around. It's just to make the numbers match up. Ha ha, that's a joke that'll make sense in, like, a year or two.

Content warnings: blood; discussion of abuse and suicidal ideation

This post experimentally contains some spoilers enclosed in <details> tags. I chose this format for spoilers based on screen reader support for that element, but it may not work in Internet Explorer or some console-based browsers, such as Lynx. Check the <details> demo on MDN to make sure your browser can display the tag correctly before proceeding.

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[Review] Fruits Basket 2019 1-3

I originally planned on doing separate liveblog-style posts for every episode, but then decided to do a long one for the whole first cours instead, and then I realized how ridiculously long it was getting. So it'll be split up into four or five big chunks instead. There's a lot of reminiscing about Uncle Garrick's youth, like the scent of fresh lemon, so skip these if that's boring. Also, I tried to avoid mentioning too many spoilers, or at least to put them in vague enough terms that it wouldn't matter.

Content warnings: discussions on homophobia, gender dysphoria, depression, abuse, sexual assault, and weight discimination

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I read a lot of Fruits Basket fanfiction back in the day and have been thinking about it again because of the new animu, and I will always remember the one that ripped off its entire plot from a King of the Hill episode (I was seemingly the only one who noticed; presumably I was the only one who liked both King of the Hill and Fruits Basket)

They deadass replaced Hank Hill with Kyou

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For my personal use, I have a big backup of my various fandoms' FanFiction.Net categories, just in case the site ever goes down. It's all Markdown-formatted .txt files, which both saves space and makes it easier to use bash tools on it. I was checking to see if a story I vaguely remembered from my youth was included in the backup or had been taken down in the interim (it had), but grep brought this "Obama chuckled"-like self-contained masterpiece to my attention instead:

Azumanga Daioh - X to the Zoltan - Bonkura Movie Night - 2225081.txt: "That guy you're shooting at looks like Gackt," Osaka observed.