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Bits about Latin acronyms in Japanese that got clipped from the Animal Crossing post for focus:

  • Producers of Dr. Stone ship art shorten the title to "dcst". Presumably, the intention is to use the consonants from the keystrokes that that a Japanese Input Method Engine would convert to "どくたーすとーん" [dokutāsutōn]. Vowels and ん are usually left out, because the I.M.E. would convert the string to kana if they were included.
  • This same style is also seen in 2ch slang like "wktk" (from ワクワクテカテカ [wakuwaku tekateka], onomatopoeic anticipation) and "ktkr" (来たこれ [kita kore], lit. "it came"; CMX's translation of the Train Man manga went with "now that's what I'm talkin' about").
  • As a rule, initials are taken from whole words/compounds. 空気読めない [kūki yomenai / oblivious] is "KY", not "KKYMN".
  • The loose rule of thumb I have observed is that shortened forms written in lowercase are read as the original word, whereas all-caps ones are read as the letters, just as in English initialisms. E.g. "gdgd" is read as "ぐだぐだ" [gudaguda / worn out], but JK (from 女子高生 [joshikōsei / high school girl]) is read like /ˌd͡ʒeɪˌkeɪ/. However, this is based on my own perception and isn't attested in as many words anyplace.
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According to Plato, humans originated as three creatures -- a male one, a female one, and an intersex one -- that a jealous Zeus split into individuals; each person seeks out someone corresponding to their other half from when they were one organism (e.g., men who originally came from the man-creature love other men).

Thus, Gen/Senku is a popular ship because they're the two halves that were once Hiruma Yoichi. Q.E.D.

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"Garrick, why has the 'current audio' for so many recent posts been 'Fly High!!' by BURNOUT SYNDROMES? Was it a copy+paste error?"

"No, I bought the MP3 the other day, and that's how much I've been listening to it."

"Is this because you liked 'Good Morning World!' that much, or did you just fall into Gay Volleyball Manga Hell 3700 years after everyone else?"


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They've released the anime-specific variant cover for the new Dr. Stone OP single, "三原色" [Three Primary Colors], and I like it. A particular detail is that it has prominent red, green, and blue circles (rather than the common red, yellow, and blue). I'm happy with this choice because I have beef with RYB, but the RGB color model also fits better with Dr. Stone's topics and themes. And, well, obviously Onion Man...(looks at smudged writing on hand) "Senku" is green.

Once upon a time, Doctus wrote a forum post that suggested putting the actual color-coding aside and looking at the first Sailor Moon anime as a toku-action story where the protagonist is The Yellow One -- the lax one who prizes good food and friendship over hoarded gold -- instead of The Red One. There is still a Red One, but she's not the main character, and Sailor Moon's values are not hers. Looking at it that way, maybe Dr. Stone is a shonen manga about The Green One.

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I'll eventually get used to the new Dr. Stone OP, but I (a millennial) made "Good Morning World!" the one physical CD I buy this year, set it as my phone's alarm clock tune, and put the poster from the limited anime edition in a spot where it would be the first thing I saw when I, myself, said "good morning, world!" in real life each day. I like the song. I'll miss it.

The new ED, on the other hand, has:

  1. purple
  2. stars
  3. Senku

This hole was made for meeee.