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I'm very proud of Project Violet's most recent development: a crafting minigame! All graphics, ingredients, and flavor text are subject to change, but here's a preview of what it might look like:

Screen showing various ingredients and information about their traits

Cilantro icon based on an illustration by Albert Meyer from New Kreüterbuch by Leonard Fuchs, circa 1543. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Currently, you can select any three ingredients (including repeating the same one multiple times; order is also unimportant) and see if that matches the recipe for any item the game knows about. If it does, it's automatically added to a record book accessible from the main menu, which also tells you how many of the total available recipes you've successfully made. Hitting upon certain specific recipes allows the game to progress, while others are just for fun.

(I also fiddled with things a bit to make the bottom text accessible to Ren'Py's self-voicing, which ignores tooltips by default.)

What does any of this have to do with the game? The player character of Project Violet is a "villain" in a magical girl story, and that means creating cool monsters to help his sweetie, obviously. :3

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Project Violet has magical girls in it (obviously) and those girls need attacks to yell (obviously). There are three (red, yellow, and blue) and I wanted their spells to follow roughly the same naming pattern, so they all begin with an -ous color word.

Red and yellow got "rubious" and "croceous", respectively, but I had a bit of trouble with the blue one. Maybe my vocabulary is too limited...? All I could find was "glaucous", which is ugly (and suggests too green a shade). In the end, I'll probably follow the grand Tokyo Mew Mew tradition of just making words up. I'm currently using "delphinious".

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There's like eleventy “dark” “gritty” magical girl “deconstructions” where the mascot is evil! and 0 where the love interest is, even though the boys in orthodox magical girl anime are all jerks.

Like, "Sailor Moon, only Mamoru is explicitly manipulative and predatory" is right there. Come on.

oh right, dark gritty magical girl deconstructions don't have boys, that would get in the way of the male gaze!

anyway Project Violet has a villain now and I hate him

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So I'm entering BARA JAM 2019! I don't have a title yet, so devblog entries will be tagged as "project_violet" for now (following my usual practice of taking codenames from Pokémon towns). Fair warning: I've been slamming a lot of Dr. Stone, Doc Savage, PreCure, and I'm Gonna Be An Angel! recently, so it'll probably be heavily influenced by those.

Quick background I whipped up:

Mysterious laboratory