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[Review] Fruits Basket 2019 1-3

I originally planned on doing separate liveblog-style posts for every episode, but then decided to do a long one for the whole first cours instead, and then I realized how ridiculously long it was getting. So it'll be split up into four or five big chunks instead. There's a lot of reminiscing about Uncle Garrick's youth, like the scent of fresh lemon, so skip these if that's boring. Also, I tried to avoid mentioning too many spoilers, or at least to put them in vague enough terms that it wouldn't matter.

Content warnings: discussions on homophobia, gender dysphoria, depression, abuse, sexual assault, and weight discimination

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Doctus and kaijyuu cannot remember character names. To them, Delicious In Dungeon's Marcille is "the elf". Jinnai Katsuhiko is "El Hazard villain guy". If a name gets repeated a lot, the character refers to themselves in the third person, etc., sometimes it breaks through. Everyone else is just a role, power, or other character who is vaguely similar to them. I have to use these names as well if I want to be understood.

Boku no Hero Academia is especially bad about this because the cast is so big -- we're well into the sports fest arc now, and the only character they can name without prompting is All Might. Asui is "Frog Girl". Toyokami is "Falco". (I tried to make him "Gothic Bird Man" but it didn't stick.)

The other day I caught myself thinking of Sakana's Yuudai as "Eel Man".

It begins...

E.T.A.: I showed them this post and -- this is a direct quote -- "oh, his name was Izuku?"

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I have convinced Doctus and kaijyuu to watch Boku no Hero Academia. (I've read the manga; they haven't.) We're about 8 episodes in and here is the evolution of their opinions on Bakugo so far:

  1. He is a butt
  2. He is probably gay for Deku
  3. He should definitely go to the guidance counselor
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Having been a Lawful Good child myself, I can state with some authority the following facts about Iida Tenya:

  • when they were kids, his older brother told him that bread was made of wood, and dogs and cats are the males and females of the same species; he believed these without question
  • he did in fact delete the "evaluation only" MP3s he had downloaded after 24 hours
  • "no, I am under 18"
  • he accidentally read some PG-13 Pokémon fan fiction when he was only 12 and cried about this for at least a week