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Honestly, the old anime remake I'm gunning for is Kimengumi. It's a cultural touchstone and all (even non-otaku love "Banana no Namida") so it would work as either pure 80s nostalgia or a Banana Fish-style updated classic, and it has roughly equal appeal across gender lines. It'd be nice to have a start-to-finish straight adaptation instead of a mish-mash from 3nen and High School. And obviously I love Dai-chan and Jako. But on top of all that...

I feel like a lot of manga with flawed protagonists either chicken out -- the main girl in Kimi no Todoke is only ugly and scary if you're, like, a divinely beautiful elf or something -- or make their message of acceptance conditional. It's OK because you have a good personality or a useful skill, you might eventually find someone who thinks [trait] is cool, etc. Ultimately, the source of validation is still other people deciding you are valuable.

Meanwhile, Kimengumi's major thesis is that even if you really are unattractive, good for nothing, and honestly kind of a bad person, you should still love yourself and you still deserve to enjoy life. That's important, and while some stories are easier to tell now than they were in 1985, that particular one remains elusive.


The REAL Momo Challenge:

Value yourself and your time irrespective of what consumerist culture has to say about it

Sculpture 'Momo' by Ulrike Enders located at Michael-Ende-Platz square in Hanover, Germany.
Sculpture "Momo" by Ulrike Enders located at Michael-Ende-Platz square in Hanover, Germany. Photo copyright 2014 ChristianSchd. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. Via Wikimedia Commons.

(If you don't get this joke, do not look it up, because a terrifying shock image is always posted with it, even by supposedly reputable and responsible mainstream outlets. -_-)



I only barely and unwillingly know anything about Naruto but I'm still surprised that the dub quotes that achieved infamy were "believe it" and "ninja info cards" and not the frankly incredible line "Naruto, you have a self-abusive personality. It's called masochism"


Knox and The Conjuring and Young Goodman Brown

I've been thinking a bit about the recent revival of demons and witches as the villains of movies. This post is an attempt to take all of my thoughts on the matter and boil it down into something coherent. And long, although it's broken up a bit with some nice pictures. (I wanted to put in 90s clipart, but I didn't. The sacrifices I make for you guys!)

Content warning: This post contains discussion of the Satanic Panic and Satanic ritual abuse.

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