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[Review] Fruits Basket 2019 7-10

This post's episodes are a cavalcade of seasonal events. I'm including one more episode than usual this time around. It's just to make the numbers match up. Ha ha, that's a joke that'll make sense in, like, a year or two.

Content warnings: blood; discussion of abuse and suicidal ideation

This post experimentally contains some spoilers enclosed in <details> tags. I chose this format for spoilers based on screen reader support for that element, but it may not work in Internet Explorer or some console-based browsers, such as Lynx. Check the <details> demo on MDN to make sure your browser can display the tag correctly before proceeding.

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A while back, Clementine's tag library corrupted a couple of my OGGs. It wasn't a catastrophe or anything because I just re-ripped the offending files from my CD of "Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town" and went about my business, but I subscribed to the GitHub thread about it. Recently, some folks were trying to figure out if the corruption could be reversed...and the example file one of them used was "Uragirimono no Requiem".

I'm not saying it's the work of an enemy Stand, but it's the work of an enemy Stand.



Living Game is an interesting manga because it was supposed to be a Very Relatable romantic comedy about life during the asset price bubble...which, of course, burst not too long into the manga's run. The result was a story that captured the feel of the times extremely well, as both the author and the fictional characters scrabbled to orient themselves and stay afloat in chaotic times.

(I also like the art and cinematography quite a bit. The plot is pretty damn skeevy, though.)



Addendum to the first Fruits Basket post: another touch of modernization is that Yuki and other male students are seen taking home ec.

Boys cooking

This was very much not the case in the manga, where the class was visibly all-female. I'm glad they changed this!


[Review] Fruits Basket 2019 1-3

I originally planned on doing separate liveblog-style posts for every episode, but then decided to do a long one for the whole first cour instead, and then I realized how ridiculously long it was getting. So it'll be split up into four or five big chunks instead. There's a lot of reminiscing about Uncle Garrick's youth, like the scent of fresh lemon, so skip these if that's boring. Also, I tried to avoid mentioning too many spoilers, or at least to put them in vague enough terms that it wouldn't matter.

Content warnings: discussions on homophobia, gender dysphoria, depression, abuse, sexual assault

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I read a lot of Fruits Basket fanfiction back in the day and have been thinking about it again because of the new animu, and I will always remember the one that ripped off its entire plot from a King of the Hill episode (I was seemingly the only one who noticed; presumably I was the only one who liked both King of the Hill and Fruits Basket)

They deadass replaced Hank Hill with Kyou


On the NationalDex

To save memory space, I mentally combine claims containing the substring "the game developers are lazy" -- especially if Pokémon is the game in question -- with complaints about how the Pokémon Red & Blue games (cartridge capacity: one megabyte) didn't have voice acted name-cries Just Like the Animu. Which is to say that I assume they are merely cruel whining by people who have no idea what game development is actually like. Games are made by humans! I'm glad that Creatures Inc. seems to be trying to take the health of those humans seriously.

(I don't have a Switch, so this has no effect on my buying choices anyway. That said, if I did buy Pokémon Sword and then wanted to see one of my favorite monsters again, I could surely obtain by some means [cough] one of the twenty-eight prior core series games, which will continue to function exactly as before. Is my not having to do that worth some poor bastards going through crunch to re-model, re-animate, and exhaustively test more than eight hundred and twenty monsters? Of course it isn't.)

(Also criticizing the animation quality in a previous game that did try to include all the monsters is...maybe not the stunning riposte everyone seems to think it is?)