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To be clear, dismissing evidence-based political scientists in favor of pundits because the former didn't predict the 2016 election correctly is like saying we should listen to astrologers instead of astronomers, because astronomers believed in geocentrism. It's true, yeah, but so did astrologers, and they're wrong in much more significant ways.



When I think about it, Karin is a good example of the power of marketing. It was an ecchi manga by a former hentai artist, it ran in Dragon Age, and the anime opening begins with a bunch of random shots of the title character nude that have no relation to the story or even the rest of the opening. Just a bunch of boob shots flying by for no reason. The target audience was definitely straight, allosexual men.

But every single person I know who liked the manga was a girl (all but one of whom was heterosexual), because Tokyopop did some judo and billed it as a more general romantic comedy.



For my personal use, I have a big backup of my various fandoms' FanFiction.Net categories, just in case the site ever goes down. It's all Markdown-formatted .txt files, which both saves space and makes it easier to use bash tools on it. I was checking to see if a story I vaguely remembered from my youth was included in the backup or had been taken down in the interim (it had), but grep brought this "Obama chuckled"-like self-contained masterpiece to my attention instead:

Azumanga Daioh - X to the Zoltan - Bonkura Movie Night - 2225081.txt: "That guy you're shooting at looks like Gackt," Osaka observed.


[Guide] Linux nearest-neighbor fullscreen video

Pretty much every media player available for Linux slathers some kind of filtering (usually bilinear/bicubic) over resized videos, and it's surprisingly hard to get them to stop. Searching for Linux nearest-neighbor video brings up three things:

  1. VLC bug reports, the solutions to which haven't worked in years
  2. Extremely annoying snobs whining about how nearest-neighbor looks awful and should never be used, etc.
  3. A good article that no one heeded

This is obviously less than ideal if you like watching TAS videos (or old game videos in general). On a 1280px-wide monitor, a 256px-wide SNES capture with nearest-neighbor looks great. With any kind of filter, even a "good" one, it's garbage.

While I can't get it to only do integer scaling and letterbox the rest, I did manage to make a video player display pixel art correctly. It took a lot of trial and error, so here's what worked in the end.

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Geez, I need a lot of photos of school corridors and stairs and stuff for this project, but nothing I find works -- wait...

I'd better take a lot of photos of the halls and stairwells and stuff while I'm here! They might come in handy!