About me


Variously known as: Garrick, Matt, Starbeam, たんぽぽ色の冬至

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Occupation: Student librarian

Star Sign: Pisces

Blood Type: O+

Associated Classical Element: Earth

Representative Card: Knight of Discs

Alignment: Lawful Good

Myers-Brigg: I*FJ

Favorite food: Bread


GPG Fingerprint: 0047 781C AA75 4B79 08B4 5274 8BD9 2C3B BDC4 D4CC

3DS Friend Code: 2766 8539 6225

I’m proficient in English, German, and Japanese. I love books and stories more than pretty much anything. I have a pretty good memory (bordering on encyclopedic when books are involved) and have been told that I “practically have a library in my brain”. I’m also decent with computers and programming, use GNU/Linux (Mageia at the moment), and built my own website from scratch. I understand nothing about music or music theory. I am dyscalculic and depressed. I read too many webcomics for anyone’s own good. I like video games but I am not good at them as a general thing.

This site started out as a home for my creative writing; it’s grown to include quite a bit more than that. All my works on this site are released under a Creative Commons license, and I hope they are shared widely.

I’m single, if any single men happen to be in the audience. :P

EFF Member 2015-2016 Authors Against DRM Librarians Against DRM Readers Against DRM