Some of these are ported from my blog, or particularly illuminating segments from individual posts on same. I just thought it would be nice to have them all in one place.

Don't Mention the War
(2018) Why I will never watch a Devilman remake.
The Grand Idol Fantasy
(2019) A bit about Infectious Energy and what its subtitle means.
Knox and the Conjuring and Young Goodman Brown
(2019) I've been thinking a bit about the recent revival of demons and witches as the villains of movies. This post is an attempt to take all of my thoughts on the matter and boil it down into something coherent. And long. Contains discussion of the Satanic Panic and Satanic ritual abuse.
On Modern Web Design
(On the fan subsite, 2018) Why does my site look so weird and old?
A Rant on Manga Genre Names
(2019) I have a couple of suggestions for things that could change in how we describe some genres of manga. Contains mentions of racism, rape, and pedophilia.
The Story You Don't Know
(2018) A true story about literary interpretation, a song, time, and the magic of words.
Ups and Downs in Dr. Stone
(2019) I originally set out to write a blog post about Bleach, and it turned into a Dr. Stone post that turned into a post on a now-defunct forum. This is an amalgam of the latter two. (Contains spoilers up through the first year of Dr. Stone.)
Why I Believe in My Immortal
(2019) Some say that My Immortal must be a troll fic. Some say that no one could possibly write that in seriousness. Some say that it can only be a joke that got out of hand, a satire, a mean-spirited prank against all of fanfic-kind. As for me, I have my own theory.