Weird Secondhand Shop Stuff

I like to shop at secondhand shops. It saves money and helps both the local community and the environment. However, sometimes I encounter strange and funny items and find myself wondering about how they ended up where they are now (or why they were created to begin with). This page collects some of my favorites from over the years. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized photos.

To the extent possible under the law, the images on this page are released into the public domain.

Giant monster raccoon figure Fallen angel figures Horrible frog Demon Mickey Creepy clay doll Fake Care Bear Bora the Explorer O.J. Simpson-themed juicer Child who appears to be smoking a bong Amazing furry statue Furry statue closeup Weird cat Golfer frog Poo jar Buddha Christmas ornament Wallmaster Headless fop Pied dog with googly eyes French cats Unicorn clock Unicorn clock closeup Pirates of the Caribbean landline phone Outdated civil service exam book Macrame owl Clown and goose painting Necktie where the 3 Stooges are golf balls Amazing drawing of a horse wearing clothes like a man