Springheel is a static site generator for webcomics.

Whether it's static site generators or Wordpress plugins, most existing software is geared towards blogs, not comics. Adapting them to work with comics is kludgey and fragile, and unecessarily exposes you to security problems. But why force a square peg into a round hole when round pegs are easy enough to make? With that in mind I created Springheel. (The name comes from Spring-heel Jack, for the “English monster” naming scheme that many static generators keep to.)

Springheel is built with Python 3.5, Feedgenerator, and arrow.

You can swing by the comics subsite for a demo!



Springheel requires at least Python 3.

You can download the source from GitHub. I’ll probably add it to PyPi too but I am very lazy.

If you want to build from the git source, you'll need the following dependencies:

Then navigate to the springheel directory, and run setup.py install (you may need to run this with su -c depending on the type of Python install you have).

Windows users: If you get an error about Visual C++ while installing dependencies (lxml especially), do not panic! Just use PyPi to install that specific library directly, then try to install springheel again.

You may also get encoding/code page errors; if you haven't already, look up how to enable Unicode in the command line for your version of Windows.



Latest Source (827 KiB)

Python .egg (721 KiB) | .egg signature

Some public domain example files (5.4MiB)