Sensory Leakage


Sensory Leakage
Visual novel
Twinkle Night
Ren’Py v.6.99.12 “We get the job done
Required HDD space
60 MiB
Supported platforms
Windows® XP or newer (x86)
GNU/Linux (x86, x86_64, glibc 2.3+)
~ words
Mystery, Supernatural
Pay What You Want (no minimum)
Content Warnings
Bad language, near-drowning, one pixellated but still classically nude lady (nothing you wouldn't see in art history class)

Rosaria is a former teen trying to adjust to the adult world, where it turns out that shooting energy balls is not actually that useful. One evening, she hits it off with an introverted bookworm, Karen, and slowly starts a relationship with her. Maybe things are starting to look up.

But a mysterious theft haunts their town, and Karen has secrets of her own…

The demo (comprising the first half of so of the game) is now available! The final game will be out within the season, bringing with it various extras.


Talking to the heroine at a small screen resolution Playing a minigame at a laptop screen resolution Talking to the heroine at a normal screen resolution


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