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Page 4 - The Spider captures the Hornet
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Creator’s Commentary

This is one of the weirder aspects of the Anansi mythos. The animals the spider is supposed to collect actually vary quite a bit, but some permutation of “snake” and “big cat” are pretty much always involved, whereas I don’t think I’ve ever heard any two retellings where the third animal and its capture method are exactly the same.

Sometimes the third animal is another big cat, and I’ve even found one version where it’s a fairy. Sometimes Spider employs the same “betcha can’t” trick as he does with the Snake (with a jar or gourd instead of a stick), and sometimes he catches his prey with a literal honey trap. Ultimately I chose hornets for variety without being too out there, and the “rain shelter” trick because I’m so fond of it.

Hornet in this comic is designed to resemble a rich socialite or some such. She’s a bit difficult to draw because of the abstract appearance of her head.


sfx: splash
Spider: Good Heavens, Hornet! It is suddenly raining, see?
Hornet: Oh no!
Spider: Quick, into my portable rain shelter!
Label on gourd: (not a) gourd
Nyame: ...He works fast.